The Story Of Chocolate

Hi. My name is Kamini and I am a Choc-o-holic.

I have been known to devour an entire slab of chocolate in one sitting.

I do not take any prisoners.

*rocks back and forth*

This is how it all went down…

PS: the pecan nougat was my favourite.

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It’s wine time in Stellies

ImageImageImageHello lovely people. Apologies for neglecting you and the blog. Life has been amazingly busy. Can’t wait to share the juicy bits!

One of my decisions for 2013 was not to play into the hands of awful PR junkies until I saw this little treat in my inbox for the Stellenbosch Wine Festival, which I can’t attend. *raises fist to the skies*

The event that I have two VIP tickets for is the launch event for the Wine Fest. Ken Forrester, the big daddy of the wine routes, is hosting a cocktail evening and someone as to go in my place.  It’s on Wednesday the 30th of Jan at 15:30 in Stellies, so be sure your boss can be woo’d by your pearl whites.

Let’s make this easy, all you have to do to win this experience is tell me what wine best describes you and why in 140 characters. I’ll decide on the winner on Friday, 25 Jan. 

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Podcast: Liezel vd Westhuizen

This lady is wildly accomplished as a TV host, MC, model, spokeswoman, triathlete (yoh) and  18th in the FHM Top 100 sexiest. She also hosts a radio show on Kfm, has been the anchor on Idols and more recently SABC3’s Expresso.  AND all of that with a Masters degree in communications and mop of daring platinum blonde. Taking all of that into consideration, you’ll see that @Liezelv  is simply a girl standing in front of the world sharing her positive energy. She joined me in studio yesterday for a bit of chatter and you’ll see for yourself, she’s as humble and grounded as the day she was born. Sorry, Concrete Jungle (Pretoria), we (Cape Town) have stoled your beloved  Giraffe. x



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Jamie Oliver’s Food Photography MasterClass

Great video done by The Naked Chef himself and his photographer, David Loftus.


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Black Porcelain

I recently interviewed the lovely Carol Mashigo aka @BlkPorcelain. Take a listen to out chatter Image

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Vanity is truly painful

Like most women, I love a pair of high heels. Over the years I have had to get used to the sore feet, ankles and calves that go with the leg-lengthening aspect of these modern day torture devices. After a long night of dancing I have had to sit the next day out due to various aliments related directly to prancing on my toes all evening. Even still, I am not wiling to stop wearing them.

It’s quite primal really, that  increased sense of power with being a few centimeters taller. A pair of well-chosen heels enhances the silhouette and really is the garnish on a great dress. They turn a favourite pair of jeans into a ensamble’ to be reckoned with and I’ve been told that they cause me, specifically, to strut.

In this era of tattoos, cosmetic surgery and shameless self promotion, we are given complete creative control of how others see us. I recently read an article about how women are shortening and removing toes so that they would fit better into their shoes. It’s as though women have forgotten that toes serve a purpose and all that matters is the aesthetic appeal.I for one think this whole malarky might be taking things a step too far.

Take a look at the article and video here. Let me know what you think

It reminds me of what Leanie Van Der Wver said with her exhibition “Scary Beautiful” – “Humans are Playing God by physically and metaphorically perfecting themselves.”

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Kyla Close by @loopphoto

It gives me goose bumps to think that this guy is my friend. @Loopphoto has always been a man with immaculate taste. His work is sultry, yet coy. Truly addictive.  See for yourself.

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Gifting ideas from

At the time of writing this blog post there were 35 days, 22 hours and 37 minutes until Christmas. In my family this time of year is more about being friendly to the aunt who’s been grating your carrot for the last 30 years over a 25 course meal served in the glorious heatwave that is Durban in December. That isn’t to say that we don’t do the tree-presents-fruitcake trifecta but somehow (mostly because we’re a shelf-sitting Hindu family) it doesn’t seem to have quite the same feel as it does in other families. (correct me if I’m wrong)

Anyway, this year we’re all being spoiled by @36Boutiques who have put together some really stylish little trinkets to gift others and of course oneself. I’ve spent some legitimate time on the site and if anyone wants to be my secret Sanata, here a list to help you. And thanks in advance ❤


So, here’s a sneak peak of the 36Boutiques Gifting area HERE. No, you won’t get access through the homepage just yet. Go check it out and tweet me the link to the product you adore and perhaps I’ll send you a R500 voucher to spoil yourself with this Christmas. Remember to include @36Boutiques and myself, @KaminiPather in your entry tweet.

Winners announced on Friday, 23 Nov.

Happy shopping!

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I’m out of the race

My loo brew paid the price of some inebriated tomfoolery. At 4:00AM on saturday night the entire vat was spilt. The recepticle is broken, much like my heart. *Sob*. But my place smells like baking bread, which isn’t the worst thing.

Good luck to everyone still in the race.

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@KhayaDlanga on #2girls1mic

In case you missed our interview with twitter legend and all ’round loud mouth, @KhayaDlanga, here it is for your ear hole pleasure.

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