The first step…

Now, I really should’ve known about my love of all things foodie from a very young age because I can remember putting a bar of chocolate into the pocket of my stone wash denims – sans wrapper. And in the heat of the Durban Summer of 1989 I recall sneaking my little finger into my pocket for a snack that lasted all day and walked a mile in my…um…jeans.

Anyhoo, it’s taken me a bit longer to realise and now embrace the fact that I have had affairs with hunks of mature Brie, enjoyed languid afternoons with full-bodied reds and relished every smooch of every sun-kissed cherry that has passed my lips.

This blog does not mean to be saucy – like that of a hussy – buy does aim to be saucy – like that of cheese, pink peppercorns and lindt chocolate, but to me, food is a personal.

When asked why her food always tasted so good, my mother would say that it was because she cooked with love. And even though I was secretly sure that she spat into the pot whilst stirring, that belly-warmth that only good food made with love can bring, is what I carry with me at each meal.


One thought on “The first step…

  1. siro says:

    Love the new blog! Keep it coming Ms Kamini…

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