Toasty or toasted?

One might think that making toast is a simple task. And a humoured chiding few might highlight the fact that there has been a uni-buttoned device made for this very purpose. But let me ask you this – when has this “device” ever given you what you wanted, the way that you wanted it?

Now, this begs the question, what is your version of the perfect toast? Do you like your bread simply warmed or do you enjoy that initial crisp buttery bite?

Personally, I enjoy the latter. For this, my bread is required to go through two 3 min sessions of toasting and then it’s left to rest between the warm bars of the toaster for a further few minutes, but not until it’s completely adjusted to room temperature, of course. And once the toast has been lifted from the toaster, it should ALWAYS be assembled in a teepee structure so as to avoid the dreaded “sweaty toast saga”.

Yes, my process sounds more complicated than most but then I do think that in this life, of immediate gratification and insto-everything, that we’ve lost the joys found in simple pleasures. Now, don’t get me wrong, all my gadgets are synced, my iPhone is the centre of my untamed universe and my DSL camera is my new found walking buddy. But when was the last time you ate a truly delicious Margarita Pizza made with Mozzarella di buffala and fresh Basilo or a vanilla cupcake with icing and rainbow sprinkles, the way mum used to make them?

OK, I’m decided – I do not wish to be part of this over complicated life and while I have tried to meditate, practice yoga and deep breathing, all without too much resolve, I choose to take matters into my owns hands and make my life simpler. And I’m going to do it by starting my day with my 4 step recipe for a slice of toast – done to my definition of perfection.


2 thoughts on “Toasty or toasted?

  1. Hot hot well-toasted bread thickly slathered in butter. Pure genius. Welcome Ms_ Kamini x

  2. ms_kamini says:

    Sounds like you and I will make great breakfasting partners… 😉

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