The Citrus Circus!

During these winter months, when colds, flus and general laziness prevail, it is no wonder that mother nature has provided for us – but only if we choose to eat seasonally.

The humble orange with it’s sweet, fragrant flesh, infused with 60% of the daily recommended allowance of Vitamin C and as much fibre as 6 bowls of Bran flakes, has also got enough immuno-boosting power to see us all through the winter, sniffle free.

I was lucky to have bought some beautiful oranges from Spar the other day and while enjoying them, I was reminded of some of the details of my childhood. Now, eating slices of juicy oranges might remind you of the hockey-mum’s Saturday treat or perhaps it takes you back to a decadent tea time with delicately flavoured Crepe Suzette. But for me, it reminds me of my grandmother. A regal lady of 70, who still exercises and cooks up a storm for her friends and family, would sit outside her home in Durban and cut oranges into segments for my brother, my cousin and I, who would all spend days with her when our folks were working. Once we had torn the flesh from their shells and dribbled orange juice down our chins and elbows, my Gran would fashion sets of orange peel teeth for us – feels good to remember the days of our citrus smiles.

These days, besides eating those golden orbs the way it was intended, I do relish the thought of a splash of Citrus in my Cosmopolitan or some Dim Sum filled with very Angry Orange Duck. But it seems that even though I’ve tasted beautiful orange cake and salads decorated with lush segments, I do enjoy going back to the basics of starting Sunday breakfast with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

2 thoughts on “The Citrus Circus!

  1. A lovely synchronicity… Wrote my October column (working on December one now – get used to these far-in-advance deadlines ) about oranges. And remembered the same orange-peel teeth trick…I think all children are the same…

  2. ms_kamini says:

    Or perhaps a fulfilled childhood simply takes a few 1-2-3 steps…

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