Let them eat cake?

I have a dream, a dream that one day we will live in a land with guilt free carbs! Until then, I will continue to buy and bake loaves of bread studded with olives and garlic, made with beer and sunflower seeds and on some days, I’ll lust for nothing more than a fresh slice of whole wheat with a slick of spreadable butter.

Today, I found a loaf of Green Olive Bread from Woolies. It’s soft, chewy texture and light sourdough nose made for the perfect mid-afternoon snack. Truth be told, I ploughed through about half of it while making myself some coffee. Although, by this stage, I really should stop being wishful and simply buy two baguettes at each purchase.

As a child I remember not quite understanding why some children cut the crusts off their bread because anyone in the know, knows that that’s the best part of the loaf! These days, I’m prone to a bout of “off with their heads syndrome” at the though that people opt to eat things like “Best of Both”, when you, I and the milk man all know that it is nothing but super-processed-don’t-make-me-feel-guilty bread fit for no one but boys living away from home for the first time.

A friend of mine went on a 3 year carb-less diet – the thought of which turns my world a little turvy because there really is nothing more comforting than remembering those shared slices at school lunch breaks or those squares, lovingly cut by mum, to drop into stews and of course, one of my favourites – soldiers to dip into the happy yellow of soft boiled Sunday breakie. At this point, the only reason I’d “Let them eat cake” is because there’d be more bread for me!


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