The Death of the Creamy Avocado

My husband is obsessed with Avocado’s. The season is still only in its infancy and he has been happily munching through punnets of these green-eyed beauties. It’s quite funny, he lets out a little squeal of joy when he unzips one of these bad boys and it’s perfectly ripe and ready for him to attack with the salt, pepper and a blunt spoon. You guessed it, he takes no prisoners.

I learnt to eat Avo’s the savoury way, quite late in my life. It was at the Essenwood Flea Market in Durban where they would serve thick slices of home made bread with even thicker layers of fresh avocado and an array of pickled condiments.

Prior to these Saturday mornings spent in the dabbled sunshine of the park, I would add condensed milk to my smooshed Avo (that’s the technical term) and eat it with a spoon while watching The Gummy Bears.

These days I am more inclined to eat my Avocado’s on a toasted Panini with left over chicken curry or on spicy home made ostrich burgers. I recently went to Cafe Royale on Long Street and had something that took me straight back to the days of yore. It is there that I had an Avocado and Mint Milk Shake. Life had come full circle – la dolce vita!

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