MAD about eggs

Made with love!

This morning my husband and I had words because there is a misunderstanding about the shared food journey that I feel is so passionately about. As a child, when I didn’t want to eat something, my mum would ask me to try it once. Just one bite and if I still didn’t enjoy it, I was free to continue on my merry way. This gentle coaxing has resulted in me eating pretty much everything and of course trying absolutely anything, even if it is an apprehensive little nibble. 

My dear husband of 4 months does not share this adventurous foodie spirit and of course I don’t want him to be leading our expeditions, but sometimes, it would be nice if he joined me, just for shits and giggles. 

His range of preferred food is quite limited due the context of his childhood. Initially, my mum didn’t work and had the time to pack our lunch boxes with much more than cheese and jam sarmmies and would prepare a meal for our return home from school. And the really great thing is that it never felt as though she was merely doing her duty, it always felt as if we were that important for her to be making that much of effort. And due to that effort and spirit of giving love through food, we would eat whatever she created. 

I do think that ones experience of a certain food depends on who has made the dish and of course where it was eaten. One cannot compare the crisp potato goodness of the first bite of a rosti, to a hash brown from Wimpy. Or that tart, crimson demeanour that only a fresh cherry delivers, to that of one that has been robbed of all personality by a thick commercial syrup. 

What has become obvious today was that when I ask him to try things, like this morning’s spicy French Toast with golden syrup, it takes him back to those times when his mum forced him to eat things that he didn’t like. The even scarier thing is that it is now obvious that he thinks of me in the same light as his mum…!!! I’m sure that’s grounds for an immediate fail because which man or woman wants to marry their oedipal parent?

So Love, if you’re reading this, it’s not that I don’t respect your food choices, it’s that I want you to experience the things that have and still do, give me an immense about of joy. All I’m asking is that next time, you accept my offer and try one bite of the eel sushi or the pumpkin fritter and I’ll be happy, just because you trusted me enough to let me lead OUR food journey. 


7 thoughts on “MAD about eggs

  1. Tesh says:

    loveness…i promise i will try. MWAH

  2. I miss my mom now! Eel Sushi should definitely not be turned down. Nor should pumpkin fritters. The hubby is missing out!

  3. ms_kamini says:

    Thanks for the support Vikash!

  4. Ailyssa says:

    D was telling me abt this eel sushi he had with normal eel in the inside and tempura eel on the outside. Apparently its heavenly:) maybe leaf does a rendition:) tee hee!

  5. ms_kamini says:

    At Ailyssa, sounds like something we have to try. My dear husband MIGHT join us.

  6. Ingrid says:

    Beautifully written…you got me thinking about my own experiences at my mom's kitchen table. Thanks for the reminder that my healthy eating does not HAVE to exclude those deelishus tidbits of old. As you said, just a taste will do, every now and again…

  7. ms_kamini says:

    @Ingrid: What good is it to have the cake and not eat it? Just head for the promenade there after 🙂 I think other foodies might be scoffing at me riiiight about now…

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