Kamini only eats hot food!

I often think that staring into the window of an oven is more interesting than that of a moving vehicle because you know that you will be able to have THAT, all of that, when you hear the timer bing! In a perfect world, all food would be eaten moments after it was cooked, when the flavours are at their peak and more importantly, when the food was still hot. 

One of my pet peeves is eating cold food. On some days, I will consider a morsel that has made its way to room temperature. I’ve even been known to leave things out for a few hours and believe me, in this case, a watched pot does eventually get to the finish line. But under no circumstances will I go near anything that has JUST made its debut from the light of the fridge.

Recently, I’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle because I’ve had to take photographs of some of the dishes I have cooked. Now, everything I’ve read has warned me about hair spraying dishes and other nasty “Editorial Tricks to Great Food Photography” and besides these pearls of wisdom, eating said dish after it had done the rounds goes against my cardinal rule – no chemicals with dinner. 

Anyhoo, my issue is that yes, I do need to set up my shot before the food is cooked, which works better with baked dishes, but with those stove top creations, not so much. Because of course you need to tend the pot and plate up and I am often left with something that is just not warm enough. 

I have a little confession, my relationship with my microwave is on its last leg and these days it more of a “design feature” in my kitchen than anything else. But sometimes I am forced into greedily re-heating because by this point I am ready to chew on my Nine West boots. Now, don’t be fooled into thinking that I am the sort of person who EVER defects meal times, but give me a feisty aroma or two and I suddenly invoke my Somalian roots. (no offence) 

Due to my rapidly escalating levels of impatience, my mouth can take unnaturally high temperatures owing to the number of times I have scalded my palate. And some might call me greedy and others might be nodding at their screens in solidarity, but right now, I’m unconcerned with either opinion, I merely want to know how to have my cake [insert_dish_here] and eat it (hot) too. 

All suggestions welcome.

For those of you that want a few tips, here’s a blog post with 10 great tips and some deelishuss photo’s http://content.photojojo.com/tips/food-photography-tips/


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