Midweek Dinner

Asparagus and Creme Fraiche Tart

It was one of those days when I wanted to make the effort for dinner. I was in the mood for a challenge (what my friends would term, “my game face”) and so I decided to consult with the recipes resources that be. 

After visiting Taste.co.za, food24, BBC-food and of course, my Twitter Stream of Hope for some blinding inspiration, I decided on  James Martin’s Asparagus and crème fraîche tart . I also decided to make the short crust pastry myself, just for shits and giggles, but of course. 

So, my first attempt at the pastry was going really well. I was chuft when my alarm sounded to commemorate the end of the blind baking. Upon removal from the oven and trying not to burn myself, I broke the perfectly baked tart crust. After an amount of fowl language and slamming of items, I re-made the dough and got on with the rest of the baking. I do hate it when things go awry because I really am a bit anal about it all. More than that though, I was really enjoying the process and the glitch did turn my mood decidedly south.

Anyhoo, base two was slightly more successful – it  made it out of the oven alive. Unfortunately though, I didn’t roll it out enough, so it was marginally too small for my tart dish. A slightly more neurotic person would’ve thrown the entire effort off the 7th floor balcony, but I decided to release my frustrations on the cupboard doors, yet again. 

All in all, it was a successful endeavour. I did add some crushed garlic and a little chilli to the mixture. I have faith in and am more comforted with those two by my side, kind of like a safety garlic and chilli infused blankie.

The tart looked beautiful! And yes, I do eat with my eyes before any other senses, but once I’d sliced it, I was a tad disappointed when it damn near mirrored my feelings by weeping onto my plate. All that time. All that effort and I don’t feel satisfied with my meal or the challenge that I’d set myself. May your tart treat you better. 

Serving Suggestion: a salad of your choice. Ours had mixed lettuce, sliced radish, Rosa tomato’s and Danish Feta. 


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