Lunch at Table Thirteen

In Celebration of the glorious Friday that we just had in The Mother City, my friend and I decided to enjoy (a boozy) lunch at Table Thirteen. I’d never been before and was thoroughly impressed with the chic quaintness that this establishment exudes. 

Seated in the fresh Spring Sunshine, adjacent to the Traffic Department in Green Point, means that this little eatery is bursting with inner city character. The well groomed and articulated menu and decor spills out onto the street that is bustling, if not only for the great big yellow car-stealing trucks that whizz by between moving illegally parked cars from the scene of the crime to the impound. 

With matching glasses of red and  white, we perused the concise menu with languid intent. My Lamb, Lentil, Feta and Butternut Salad was the right balance of salad and filling. I do not order salad regularly. It often feels like a cheat meal and yes, the person being cheated is me because I don’t see the point of going out to eat reduced fat lettuce topped with vinegar and served in bowl the size of my head. 

With that said, this salad was a welcomed change to the motif I might’ve just spent too much time explaining. The portion was well sized, comprised of interesting greens and beautifully succulent lamb. The Feta was naturally crumbled instead of cut into those neurotic little cubes and the butternut was baked with the skin on, which gave it an almost crisp texture. It really was great. I even managed to try to keep to my “Beach Ready” mantra by not ordering anything of the beautiful deli counter teaming with brownies and cupcakes. Instead, I had a second glass of Chenin Blanc (she says with a look of accomplishment on her face)

I can’t actually say enough about the ambience at Table Thirteen. The dark chalk board-coloured walls that bare the ever-changing daily specials and quotes from “somebody. nobody. anybody.” gives the space a friendly and laid back feelings, which translates into a great dining experiences that is indulgent, without the frills. 


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