Andy Fenny aka. JamieWho?
Andy Fenner, more commonly known as JamieWho? is a true blooded Capetonian, even though he was born in Jozi. I met this super laid-back foodie at Voila at the Cape Quarter for some tea and chitchat. Yes, I was the envy of a few non-blogging foodies and am prepared to love every second of my gloat.  

Andy started his career out as a property advertiser when he got the calling, as most of us foodies do, from the pit of his belly, that he needed more. Which was when he started blogging as an outlet for his frustrated creative side.

ENTER: JamieWho?

Moving from blogging hobbiest (and he’s going to hate that I’ve said this) to pseudo-celeb in a mere 18 months is a feat on its own. But it seems that even though the virtual world is the way that media is heading, we all seem to hold out for print because it is a sign that “we have arrived”.

These days Andy can be found in many mortal publications, with his latest and in my humble opinion, his crowning glory, in TASTE Magazine. This piece allowed dear JamieWho? to be part of the crew for the new Woolworths TV commercial starring our local Braai Master, Justin Bornello and the ever-impressive Aussie, Bill Granger.

It seems that even though Andy has enjoyed beers with some of the sizable names in the food industry that any of this has gone to his head. Armed with his camera bag and a roving eye for the sumptuous and unchartered, his plan for the day was to collect inspiration for upcoming posts for his new virtual home, Aficionado, a lifestyle blog with Andy at their food helm.

 His recent trip to France and Spain is enough to turn anyone into a green eyed monster and quite rightly so. It seems that the land over-the-sea in San Sebastian, Spain, holds the record for the most Michelin Starred restaurants per capita. Ah yes, the tough life of a food writer. It seems that the Spaniards have also got the ambience factor just right because one can go to one of these honoured establishments and dine on dishes that would give ambrosia a run for its money and do it all in your boardies.

It seems that following one’s passions and for the sake of the cliché, one’s heart, is the way to being sincerely good at something simply because there’s already a natural interest. This change in career path has had a huge effect on Andy in that he feels the liberation of doing what he loves everyday.

This reminds of me something a family friend – who is fluent in 4 languages, has her Bachelor of Science Degree in Maths and Chemistry, is a qualified priestess and has been invited to join the education board of South Africa to write and moderate their Indian language exams – one said that Education is not about putting in, but about drawing out what naturally lies within a person.

It feels as though Andy Fenner has only just started to draw on the energy that is set to drive his being to great heights. And I for one, look forward to being a spectator on this awesome journey

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