In Celebration of National Braai Day

Veni vidi vici!! (I came, I saw, I conquered) – the way one should always feel after a good day of braai’ing. 

National Braai Day or otherwise known at Heritage Day is, for me, thee most Proudly South African say in our calendar. The Braai is a uniquely South African trait and we take it with us when move away or go on holiday and introduce others to a new way of spending time with friends, family and a good beer or bottle of wine. Just think about it, how many Aussies do you know that get a kick out of using the word “braai”?

I’m sure that I don’t need to talk any more about the wheels of beautiful boerewors, chops of every type and sausage (pronounced saw-saaaj) eaten straight off the grill with blackened finger tips and a splotch of sauce. And the lesser seen fare of ribs, spatchcocks and from time to time, pesce braai’s with whole stuffed fish, butter-flyed prawns and of course crayfish! In the words of Oliver Twist, “It’s food, glorious food!”

With all those delicious, healthy sized portions available, I always feel that it’s a good idea to serve a few lighter options. A few salads and dips that leave enough room for the show stoppers. 

Here are a few of my suggestions.

Spinach, Strawberry and Peppered Chevin Salad

 Avo Hummus served with some cheesy nachos chips or toasted pita’s
Nectarine and Danish Feta Salad

Or a Sweet Potato Salad 

I used Bill Granger’s Potato Salad recipe, but subsisted the potato for a sweeter variety. I served this with pork chops, need i say more?

And last, but more not, Happy Braai Day! 🙂 

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    In anticipation of South Arica’s Heritage Day

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