La Petite Tarte

Tucked away in the romantically cobble-stoned Dixon Street is a cafe called La Petite Tarte. The mere sight of this little piece of France instantly sets your internal iTunes playing C’est Si Bon  by Ertha Kitt – it’s that feel-food sense you got from every rom-com that you’ve even seen – put together! It’s a sensorial dream come true!

In a perfect world, one would be seated outside, in the dabbled sunshine. But, being a tad chillsome, we headed indoors, which was just as much of a treat as the walls are covered with interesting knickknacks such as fine china in daring patterns, brightly coloured cupcake holders, perv-worthy bell jars protecting the precious patisserie and tall vases with fresh fruit that beckoned to have their picture taken. In true French style, attention to detail and quaint indulgence are clearly the values upon which La Petite Tart was built.

Their selection of French teas are possibly the main reason to visit this little Frenchie. The silken bags are served in exquisite cast iron pots and eclectic Bone China sets. When I opened the lid of my pot to have a look, my senses were greeted with vanilla, cinnamon and some other dark, rich spice that simply made my morning!

While Breakfast is served all day, I was thrilled to discover a small, yet considered lunch menu. With Croquet Monsieur or a black board with ever-changing quiche and salad options La Petite Tarte is forever busy. Luckily for us, the table right next to ours seated two French ladies who did wonders to add to this make-believe trip as snippets of their conversation punctuated ours.

Even though we aren’t able to nip over to France for the weekend, it’s satisfying to know that we have a little taste of it right here in the Cape Quarter. And with a main course costing an Average of R80, we can all afford to treat ourselves to a petite adventure no and again.


2 thoughts on “La Petite Tarte

  1. Oh I hope they have poached eggs, i really really really do. This looks like heaven, and i'll have to take my boy soonest!

  2. ms_kamini says:

    It is all that and more! Will keep my fingers crossed for RE: poached eggs šŸ˜‰

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