Whale Watching, Hermanus

Ever have that feeling of complete awe? That moment when you look at something magnificent and have to gulp your next breath because you’re filled with the enormity of just how spectacular your view is? Well, I had a couple of those moments in Hermanus, when we went Whale Watching. 

Truth be told, we simply decided to go out to Hermanus for lunch, no better reason, in my book. And it just so happened that we saw a couple of Hump Back Whales as well, which was just the cherry atop a great day spent in the Western Cape. 

After a scenic drive down the N2 we decided to lunch at Sea Views in Bientang Cave. This restaurant is built into the rock with tables positioned just out of the reach of the sea spray. It was the perfect place to admire the natural beauty and watch dogs and children relish their day at the beach. I always love the way being near the sea brings out this childlike side in people of all ages. Men and women, playing on the shore, feeling the sand on the souls and the sun on their faces. The thing that I loved most, was hearing the children with those shrieks of joy as the waves crashed at their feet. That sounds makes me smile every time. 

Now, whilst the food and wine selection at Sea View is nothing to write home about, the ambience and the setting really is. So don’t expect a fine dinning experience because you will be disappointed. Instead, i dare you to appreciate the simple menu sporting the usual prawn, line fish, calamari options, with seafood platters and combo meals. This restaurant is much less about the food than the joy of being seated at the edge of the sea, so for those truly discerning palates, I’d suggest going for sundowners or a languid bottle of crisp white wine. You will not be disappointed. 

4 thoughts on “Whale Watching, Hermanus

  1. Bientangs Cave must have one of the most awesome locations for a restaurant anywhere in South Africa. As you say, the food is not the greatest (not the worst either) but the chance of a whale swimming past as you're eating lunch is priceless.

  2. ms_kamini says:

    We saw 4 whales on Thursday, I'm not sure I could've asked for much more.

  3. Love the pictures. Is that the restaurant where you see the umbrellas?

  4. ms_kamini says:

    @MediFast Coupons: Yes, it is. It is amazing!

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