Locavoring Green Point, Cape Town

By definiation, being a locavore means that you eat produce that is cultivated within 160.9344km (or 100 miles, according to the online converter) radius of where you live. Being in Cape Town means that we have access to organic and farmers markets, as well as have a host of stores that now obliging provide vegetable box deliveries. This alludes to a singular thought really, that we all should be doing a little something to eat locally produced food. 

Now, whilst I believe in this movement that has increased the status of the word ‘locavore’ from a term used colloquially by hairy tree-huggers, to a word that has been included in the Oxford Dictionary circa 2007, I think that sometimes it does prove to be difficult. And sometimes the most difficult thing is to keep the thought, top of mind. I had one of these moments recently when I was wooed by Egyptian Figs and just yesterday, I got some absolutely amazing tomatoes, on the vine, flown in from Mediteriania. 

In my book, eating locally, as often as you remember to is perhaps not as good as being a complete convert, but it’s better than being a Micky D’s touting wretch. So now that we’ve agreed on that, I’d like to share with you the way that I execute my commitment to my global footprint – eating within walking distance. 

I’ve recently moved to Green Point and have been loving the fact that restaurants are within walking distance. I had my first Sex and the City moment when I skipped across the road – in heels – to the Cape Quarter for the 2Oceans Vibe Radio launch. 

The joy of this is that places like 1800, Mano’s, Voila, Andiamo, TRUTHCoffee, Le Petit Tarte and Giovanni’s to name but a few, are ALL within hooker-high-heel-wearing waking distance. It’s a dream and it seems that  by my own definition, it’s an eco-conscious one too. 
Corner of Somerset and Portswood Rd, Green point, Cape Town
This weekend, The Monsieur and I took a stroll down to Bravado. This reincarnation of Bravo, that used to live in Moullie Point, is a really relaxed place for a Sunday lunch. Their square, wood fired pizza’s are divine, the service is good and this little eatery is always buzzing with unpretentious Italian flare. 

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