Easy Weekday Lunch

Waldof Salad

Yesterday was my first day at Yuppiechef. I think I might’ve had thee best first day ever and if I say anything more, it’s going to come across as gloating, mostly because I would be. Besides the welcoming personalities and futuristic head space, I really appreciated the hand written Yuppiechef card, the flowers on my desk and the introduction on OUR online mag, Spatula, feels like home already. 

Anyway, it reminded me of the first day of school, but without the sack of brand new stationery in tow. My unnatural love for new stationery rivals only my lusty obsession for glassware and crockery, so much so, that my dearest friend in all of the land once gave me a “bouquet of newly sharpened pencils” – that’s one of my favourite lines from “You’ve got Mail”. Yes, we liked the Meg.

It was a strange sensation, mostly I’ve been out of school for a while now, but on Sunday night, I was tad butterflyed. When I’m nervous, I think with my senses, so I naturally hovered about the kitchen planning my lunch. I remembered days of school lunches, the ones my mum would spend legitimate hours planning and making. It must be said, my mum was the queen of the lunch box. We got freshly made sarmmies, made that morning, with a variety of fillings. Smoked ham with ice berg lettuce and tomato, tuna salad with apples and grapes, hamburgers with avo, chicken sausages with sliced onion, and of course, a frozen fruit juice and some other treat. My mum’s lunches were so good that Number 2, who went to a neighbouring boys school, was able to swop them, not just for cash to buy junk with, but was able to get the other boy go to the tuck shop and return with his order! Now THAT was the power of my mothers lunch bow!   

During my scurrying, I thankfully remembered reading some recipes for a Waldorf Salad in the October Taste Magazine.  There are three variations in that issue that range from the regular to the posh, which includes prawns and pears. 

While this recipe called for home made mayo, I did not have the time, so instead, I used ⅓  Trim to ⅔ fat free yoghurt. I also substituted green grapes for red globes, because that’s what I had and even with all the improv, it was deelishuss! 

3 sticks of celery – sliced diagonally
2 green apples – sliced into similar sized pieces to the celery
100g grapes – halved
50g pecan nuts
lemon juice
sea salt and freshly ground pepper


2 thoughts on “Easy Weekday Lunch

  1. Your Waldorf salad looks so light and flavorful!

  2. ms_kamini says:

    oh…it was. I often find salads a bit touch and go..never now if I'm a fan or not, but these bad boys get a definite thumbs up.

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