We all scream for iScream – the legendary horlicks ice cream recipe

Malt Chuckles 

Oh the sweet sound of a tapping keyboard, how I’ve missed you! My first week and a half at Yuppiechef has been great. I’m part of a great team who believe the best in people. For someone who often errs on the side of wry cynicism, this has been a glorious and jarring education!
My first week included a group coaching session and a braai thereafter, for which I made Horlicks ice-cream studded with Malt flavoured Chuckles. If only I had served it with straws it would’ve been perfect! Unfortunately, it didn’t set quite enough and by the time it reached lips and bellies, it was a positively deelishuss Horlicks milkshake.
I do like to add that Neill Anthony, who has become a good friend, sent me the recipe that he got from Gordon (Ramsay), which makes it effing great. Yes, I’m an unashamed groupie.
You will need:
500ml double cream
500ml milk
12 egg yolks
170g sugar
300g Horlicks (taste it to make sure it is malty enough)

Heat the milk and double cream and then take it off the heat before adding the yokes. Return pot to the heat and cook them off on a gentle heat until the mixture begins to thicken. Add the sugar, cool and then put it into the ice-cream maker. (And not to sound like an infomercial, but I have a Princess!) When it looks like it’s beginning to set, crush or mezzeluna some chuckles or Malteses and pop into the churning mix. YUM!

3 thoughts on “We all scream for iScream – the legendary horlicks ice cream recipe

  1. browniegirl says:

    Aaaah the long awaited recipe at last! Thank you Madam! I will definitely try this one sometime soon. Hugs xx

  2. ms_kamini says:

    You really have to! It's the best of grown up treats 🙂

  3. Marisa says:

    Goodness – how did I miss this sugary delight? *bookmarked*

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