Indian Cuisine with professional tools

I had the pleasure of meeting the super-fab Dhiveja Sundrum from Top Billing last week. She is nothing short of firecracker material! She really is full of energy and has a love for food, family and experiences. She gesticulates and tells her story through gleeful arm movements and expressive facial cues. It really was a fun morning.

So Dhiveja and I decided to meet when she tweeted about purchasing her Cook’s knife. I remember getting my first uber knife – it really was a “Dear Diary moment”!

After cooing about our kitchen tools and love for the foodie world, we got chatting about her pet project. Between shooting for Top Billing and MCing events, Dhiveja sincerely does spend joyful hours in the kitchen. She got to teaching some friends the subtleties of Indian Cuisine one night and has since decided to pursuer these in-home lessons when she has the opportunity.

The menacing glint in her eye when she picked up the knife for this photograph told me that this is a woman worth her salt because like most foodies, she’s honest about who she is.

I for one am keen on having her round for a spot of dinner and a lesson. I see us swopping a secret or two over a glass of deep red. Sounds perfect!


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