Day 1 in the Franschhoek Valley

I love Franschhoek. For someone that hadn’t visited this little town until about two years ago, I have certainly made up for lost time. The Monsieur and I have made it our little indulgence, which is not the most original thought, but the air is crisp, the feeling is sincere and that’s all that counts. But I guess the breathtaking views, friendly service and foodie-centric mindset doesn’t hurt either.

Caprese Salad

We spent a weekend away a little while ago. What was supposed to be a fishing trip in the dam on a plum farm turned into us sampling some of the local cuisine when we didn’t find the live bait (worms) we were supposed to. For some reason, almost everyone I told about me fishing questioned my ability to be one with nature. What those people forget is that I love being outdoors, just on my own terms. And luckily in Franschhoek, the elements and I see to be on the same page.

In the French Corner, time is almost irrelevant. We spent the afternoon taking in the sights of the valley at Dieu Donne. I tried zebra. After a conversation about how it is in fact part of the horse family my plate was not greeted with the same exuberance that I place my order with. Which was followed with Jamiewho’s voice asking if it was free range. Yes Andy, I think you might just be the voice of guilt-free farming.

Anyway, the avant-garde take on the Caprese salad was made with great produce and when paired with the aged balsamic vinaigrette was a showstopper! Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of such coifed food; I like my plates to look effortless. But perhaps that’s just me.

Baked Pear Brulee

The course that blew my mind – the pierce de resistance – was the dessert. I had a Baked Pear Brulee that was sheer perfection! That flavourful sandy texture that pears do so well was placed on top of the delicately wobbly anglaise and then blow torched to a crisp! I heard the delicate crack of the sugary crust followed by the smooth glide through pear and then vanilla speckled cream. Wasting a single morsel of this fine dessert was not an option and I ate FAR too much and felt rather uncomfortable thereafter, but wow was it was worth it!

To get the full effect, click the image.

One thought on “Day 1 in the Franschhoek Valley

  1. Jamie Who says:

    I'm happy to be the voice of guilt K.

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