Rugby and friends &Union

The precious cargo 
Cheese Board
Freshly cut Chalmar Biltong

It’s no mystery, I’m not a huge televised sport fan. I will watch soccer or rugby or whatever else is going, but unless it’s gymnastics or diving or the Winter Olympics, the time slot goes by with an often rather tottered lament.

This weekend was no different. All week I heard about the Currie Cup finals that were being played by the Western Province and the Sharks, the team that’s from Durban, my home town. And even though there was a healthy sized portions of rallying each way, I think it was the bloodied inflatable shark that really made me want to get involved and feel the “gees” (the spirit).

Anyhoo, after perusing my twitter timeline I noticed that &Union, a microbrewery based in Cape Town, was going to be having a small soiree. So we went.

Needless to say, the beer (and wine) were great, the cheese board with bite sized triangles of Parmesan, crusty Knead ciabatta and olives went down a treat, but only because the prego roll filled with only the finest Chalmar beef was the perfect main act. We could not have asked for a more relaxed meal served on boards that made it easy to pass amongst us whilst directing our wobbly belligerence at the screen.

The thing that I like best about &Union is that it’s a place where you can simply go and know that you’ll meet good people. People who enjoy an unpretentious beer, a laugh and a these days, a game of table tennis. Which is exactly what happened this weekend.

During my high school career, our group of girl friends were friends with a group of guys from a neighbouring school. Over the last 10 years I have bumped into one of the guy clan a couple of times. The great thing is that we’ve always stopped and had lengthy catch ups so when I saw him at &Union and introduced him to my newly acquired Monsieur, it felt as if no time had passed.

After the chance meeting, we pulled our bar stools together, watched the game, shared our rolls, cheese and snippets of life, love and loss, which was followed by dinner at El Burro and rounds of Don Julio. I could not have asked for a better way to watch the Sharks kick WP ass πŸ™‚


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