Review: Daniela’s Deliciously Decadent

There is something about confectionary that woos me. Yes, it’s much more than a ravaging sweet tooth. I think it’s really because I see people that bake as modern day alchemists that use precise measurements and understand that symmetry attracts both the eye and the taste buds.  I always love photographing baked goods because I sincerely believe that the only true perfection can be found with your nose pressed up against the display glass.

Bedazzled with bright green pistachio and teal butterscotch macaroons, luxurious ganache with glazed strawberries and hand made truffles in a matt-finish, the store gave me the feeling that magic lived there. There’s a sense of childhood buried there – a kind of Tinker Bell’s version of Never Never Land, if you will. It might actually be the veritable happy thought of inner-city living.

Daniela’s Deliciously Decadent aims to make people feel special by charming them with wiles from the old world, artisanal confectionary and friendly, happy staff. Daniela‘s mum is also part of the team and her warmth and poised energy made me want to have another macaroon and stand around and chat some more.

Besides the beauty that is on show, Daniela and her team are happy to create specialities as long as what you’re lusting after is fabulous, delicious and 100% decadent.

Tell #: 0860 bon bon (266 266)
Shop 040, The Square, Cape Quarter, Green Point, Cape Town


One thought on “Review: Daniela’s Deliciously Decadent

  1. arcadia says:

    I'm going to be finding it very hard to sleep tonight. Those delicacies look utterly orgasmic.

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