Restaurant Review: Shelly’s Cafe

Tucked away in a little house at the top of Kloof Street is a restaurant with so much joy squeezed into it, it will make your a sweet tooth tingle. The festive disco balls can be seen sparkling from the street and upon entry, the beautifully maintained wooden floors accented by wall decals and the sound of children, made for the perfect Saturday brunch.

Once I stopped admiring the kitch-cool reflection of the prism-shaped danglies and patterns and textures decorating the walls, I found the menu just as interesting. Healthy breakfast and lunch options are aplenty and the number of vegetarian options are wholly impressive. Start the day with Buttermilk Pancakes served with fresh mixed berries, creamy yoghurt and maple syrup or the healthier Granola or a salmon-topped scramble option. Which are  all great meals, but the menu doesn’t get really interesting until after the noon gun resounds. Enjoy sandwiches of artisanal bread filled with salmon and Brie, black olive and coriander or perhaps a mushroom and brandy cream tart or a sweet potato, carrot and cumin fritters. For me, the piece de resistance was the description of the Spinach Gnocchi served with a tomato ,olive and red wine sauce , the Butternut, Almond Ravioli drizzled with olive oil and toasted almonds and the Mushroom Artichoke Ravioli  drizzled with a balsamic glaze – all of which I did not try because my beach-ready vanity got in the way. My fish cake salad paled in comparison to the meal I was destined for before my self-restraint won the battle, which is no fault of the perfectly good the salad o’ fish cake. *sigh* So the moral of the story here folks, eat wit your heart instead of your hips. 

90 Kloof Street
Cape Town, Western Cape
021 424 2740

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