Hudsons on Somerset

I was completely wowed by Heston Blumenthal’s cooking show “In Search of Perfection”. I think it appeals to the geek in me and I remember each episode with daring clarity. On my recent trip to Hudsons on Somerset Road in Cape Town I was reminded of the show dedicated to the humble hamburger. Now of course Heston went as far as measuring the perfect meat-to-bun-to-topping ratios and what proportions of which cuts of meat would yield the ultimate patty.

But of course Blumenthal did not stop there. He tested which type of potato had the best starch content to make the perfect chip that had to be double fried to give each golden rod of goodness that crisp exterior bite followed by the glorious feeling of its steamed fluffy heart. We do love the purveyor of The Fat Duck because he answers the questions that we were all thinking but are too busy scoffing to ask.

Now whilst Hudsons does not have a scientific method of preparation (I don’t think), there is a certain idyllic quality about their burger, skinny fries and milkshake combo. I had the The Wise Guy which is a ground beef pattie topped with fresh chilli, tomato relish, sweet jalepeno’s and rocket. I also added some cheddar and avo and Yes, it was a mouthful, but oh-so-worth-it.

I was chuft to discover that Hudsons on Somerset Road has got a couple of extras on their menu. So besides having the regular choice of beef, lamb, ostrich, chicken or lentil and chickpea patties with a variety of well-themed toppings, there is also a good selection of pizza’s and new salads to choose from. This new store is also bigger and has been decal’ed with the bronze strips and American diner-style booths, in-keeping with the original Hudsons on Kloof

Unfortunately though, whilst the service is friendly and efficient and the food is just as good, if not better, the new spot lacks the vibe that the old space had. There was something attractive about having to side step to your table after a few Friday afternoon beverages or jamming in your seat to the soulful tunes that clung to the brain well after dinner was over. 

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