Avo and Mint breakfast blend

I have always had an issue with eating Breakfast. Not that I have ever been able to skip it. No, no, my body screeches by 10:00AM even when I’ve had a single serving English fry up! The problem is that cereal gets boring, toast often feels like a hit and miss and let’s be serious, eating eggs every day is just not a viable option. 

The problem lays in that I can never decide if I want a sweet or savoury sensation during those abrasive waking hours. And while slow rolled Oats with a stick of Cinnamon saved many a morning during Winter, they simply aren’t conducive for the warmer months that are fast approaching.  

After having an Avocado Milkshake at Cafe Royale on Long Street, Cape Town, I can say with ultimate confidence that it is my favourite kind of shake. It’s not just fresh and luxuriously sweetened with Vanilla ice-cream, but it’s also spiked with smooth mint leaves. It really is perfection in a sundae glass! 

Now of course I wouldn’t be able to have an ice-cream shake at the crack of dawn, so I’ve adapted the recipe to: a table spoon or two of Bulgarian yoghurt, about a cup of milk, a tea spoon of brown sugar, a hand full of mint and half an avo all blended into glorious submission! 

4 thoughts on “Avo and Mint breakfast blend

  1. Goodness! Avo in a milkshake – now that's a concept I haven't ever considered! I see how the mint, yoghurt and brown sugar would make it simply delicious… maybe with some crushed ice as well and (dare we say it) a splash of something delectable for an evening, creamy cocktail!?

  2. ms_kamini says:

    Linda: you need to try this to believe it! And about the creamy cocktail vibe…i like the thought…perhaps an avo daiquiri?

  3. Marisa says:

    = love! Here in SA people are confused by the idea of using avo in something sweet, but it's quite a common concept in South America apparently. Made a choc avo smoothie a while ago and you can't even taste the avo – it's just creamy & smooth. Now that I've convinced my husband to come over to the dark side as well, I'm going to have to try your minty version as well. After all, I *am* a bit of a mint slut.

  4. ms_kamini says:

    @Marisa: I'm so happy that someone else is open to the idea of sweet avo. I believe that your husband won't be able to say no to this smoothie. We'll make a mint slut out of him yet! ;)have a great weekend, lady

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