Red Velvet Cupcake-athon for Noah

I am a newbee to Red Velvet Cupcakes and had my first one just after CakeBread opened in August this year. There was something so different and luxurious about the racy pink sponge paired with cream cheese icing. I was in heaven!

Thereafter, I attempted to make a batch myself. I spent a few days googling different recipes and consulting with various foodies on Twitter. When the day of baking finally arrived, I mixed up the recipes that I’d opened in my browser and ended up using different ingredient measurements from different recipes. Needless to say, they were a pretty shoddy attempt.

The foodie world in Cape Town are a special bunch of people. We end up congregating on similar Twitter timelines and then, eventually, we meet with our mouths full at some or other event and end up having a giggle over a glass (or three) of whatever beverage is on hand. It always amazes me how happy foodies are and I think it’s perhaps because we sincerely love what we do or maybe it’s because happy people are full bellied people…

This weekend, thanks to Lady Raven who organised a Red Velvet Cupcake-athon for Nosh4Noah, a few of us generally hungry people got together to have a baking lesson and raise some money for a little boy with autism.

Besides the sponsored ingredients from Nomu, Fairview, Oded’s Kitchen and Food24 aprons, our fellow foodie, Ishayvani, welcomed us all into her beautiful home to make a mess in a gregarious, yet keenly competitive fashion. We were all suitably chuft to discover that macaroons and whoopie pies were sent through from Daniela’s Deliciously Decadent and of course Neill Anthony, “with two “L’s” darling”, also made an appearance and beat our cream cheese icing into a glorious fluff.

Now even though I did not win the best dressed cupcake award and I wouldn’t be able to remember the recipe, it really was a day well spent. So thanks to everyone that arranged the day and to everyone else who will have bright pink finger tips for a few more days.

In case you wanted to host your own cupcake-athon or any other fund-raising endeavour for Nosh4Noah , contact them via email or go have a chat on Twitter

And PS: the rest of the images are here

3 thoughts on “Red Velvet Cupcake-athon for Noah

  1. Marisa says:

    Sounds like you girls had a lot of fun! So sad I couldn't make it.PS: Love that last pic with the red tongue – is that Ishay?

  2. ms_kamini says:

    People with red tongues stick their fingers into the batter too often 😉 And no, that is @MsLlama

  3. Ishay says:

    Hey MarisaHad such a laugh at your comment- no one could look better with her tongue poking out, than @MsLlama!Was fun- glad I had help with the washing up after though. Another cookathon- and you'll be there I'm sure 🙂

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