Porter Estate Produce Market: Moer Koffie


The Neigbourgoods Market is a foodie and Indie-fashionista’s dream. The organic fair, the skinny jeans, the thrift-inspired-chic, it’s all just too good to be true! But recently, I’ve been feeling a tad bored by its “nonchalant” coif. It’s the same people with the same food options and unfortunately, even tough I try to vary my breakfast every time, those falafel pita’s are still the winner. The Monsieur has one every time he goes and gloats as he offers me a nibble. 

We finally got to the Tokai Forest this weekend, which is home to the Porter Estate Produce Market. It’s much MUCH smaller than The Mill, but the produce is still local and it’s set under the towering trees of the forest, which made me feel instantly calmer even though there was sand gushing through my gladiator sandals. 

Neill Anthony “with two L’s, darling”, got there before we did and was sporting a cup of joe upon arrival. He’d been to this market many a time because this is one of the places he sources fresh ingredients from. 

After pointing us in the direction of the Italian coffee spot, Neill offered up an alternative stand,  “Moer Koffie”. Whilst he wasn’t planning on enjoying this local flavour with us, I decided to give it a go. 

Now, Moer Koffie is a strong, dark brew. The kind of stuff you want to drink after you’re had a moer se nag out on Long Street, like we had. I’m not even sure what type of beans are in there and honestly, I don’t think anyone really cares because the senses are far too intrigued by the enamel cups and condensed milk condiments. Please promise me that you won’t try it with the illusion that Moer Koffie is not going to effortlessly win any awards, because I really don’t think that’s the point. Even still, it’s still worth the experience of drinking something other than the usual brands that ferry their wiles through the mainstream.  

All in all, the Porter Estate Produce Market is a great place to go to source the ingredients for the weekend and release the previous week with a bit of time with nature. 

They’re open every Saturday from 9AM till 1PM with tons of parking in the forest. For more specific directions, look here 

One thought on “Porter Estate Produce Market: Moer Koffie

  1. spent the last two Saturdays in a row there. Eery time I go back, I discover something new!!! In fact on the last visit my friend and I found cones that had fallen from the surrounding pine tree's and there we sat foraging and nibbling on fresh pine-nuts 🙂

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