South African Christmas Recipe: Part 4

If you’ve ever spent a Christmas over-the-sea you will be familiar with the joyfully traditional red, green and gold, chill-some days covered in a blanket of snow, hot chocolate with marshmallows and Brandy that seems to sneak its way into everything.

Here in South Africa, the spirit runs high but because our warmer festivities aren’t as well branded as our Northern Hemisphere counterparts, we often forget that it’s the height of Summer and rehash some of the traditions that, upon reflection, might seem a tad ill-placed.

One such item is Eggnog. In the North, it’s a boozy anglaise  that warms the cockerels of ones heart, well down into ones boots. When it’s 30 degrees C in the shade, this beverage seems a little silly, don’t you think? Instead, I propose something that will give the same creamy kick, topped with crushed ice and punctuated with a proudly South Africa liquer, Amarula.

Amarula is made from the Marula Fruit found in the Southern parts of Africa. I taste one once at the Kruger National Park and was surprised to discover that the seed takes up about 80% of the space inside the skin. The flesh is slippery and has a spicy fruit flavour to it. It really was incredible.

Do be warned, this is less of a recipe and more of a heavy handed rant. So use these directions as a rough guide and taste your way through. 
1.    in a champagne flute, place 2 Tablespoons of crushed ice into the glass
2.    fill flute with milk until the ¾ mark
3.    sprinkle with cinnamon
4.    top up with Amarula and serve with a Cinnamon Quill. 


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