David Kramer’s Breyani

I am a lover of Breyani whether it’s chicken, lamb, fish or vegetable. It’s one of those spicy comforting dishes that make me truly feel as though I’m home because I’ve never attempted making one myself. What makes this dish special is that everything is par cooked, layered and then steamed to perfection. It’s the perfect one pot wonder!

David Kramer clearly understands the delicate marriage of ingredients that make a good Breyani. His show by the same name as this fine Indian dish uses different instruments and genres to create a musical mixology that had me dancing in my seat. 

Each song began with Kramer giving a short intro of the lead musician, the significance of the instrument and the relationship that he had with that person. And very much like a pot of Breyani, each component is never overshadowed by any other. The fluffy rice, the succulent meat, the soft potato and golden lentils all unite to form a masterpiece without losing their individual integrity. And that is exactly what Kramer has achieved in this show. 

Kramer is no stranger to the South African stage and is known for his eclectic sound and whacky Africanisms that he took to international audiences at a time when our internal politics were less than kosher. South Africa has often been called the melting pot of cultures and this show is a great representation of exactly that. 

Showing until the 31st of December at The Baxter Theatre, Cape Town. 


2 thoughts on “David Kramer’s Breyani

  1. ming-cheau says:

    It was definitely an awesome show! Glad to hear you enjoyed it too!

  2. ms_kamini says:

    Again, thanks for the tickets MIng πŸ™‚

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