Roast Lamb: Tech for foodies

@neillanthony kindly carved the beast. Thanks!
A wise person once told me that “once you go Mac, you don’t go back”. I’ve been an Apple junkie for a number of years and I recently upgraded to an iPhone 4 and have been loving it! Without turning this in to a tech post, it’s a product that fits into my life, seamlessly.
One of the ways it does this is through app’s. After downloading a number of variously useless applications, I came across a range of food related options, like the Egg Timer.

The app I’m currently cooing about is Time to Roast that takes the guess work out of preparing the perfect Sunday lunch. This app is a personalised guide to roasting anything, except one of those freakish Turducken thing’s. It’s really easy to use and has step-by-step instructions with time and temperature settings for each phase from searing to resting with alarms between each step. It even works out what time you should start cooking the beast if you set the time you’d like to eat it.
Easy peasy? damn skippy!


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