Restaurant Review: The Corner Cafe

Every time I go to Durban I always stop over at The Corner Café in Glenwood. It feels like a little piece of Cape Town that’s just closer to the house I grew up in. I do love the way Judd, the ever-smiling owner, is committed to being environmentally friendly. His Consol bottle lampshades are a testament to his commitment and they really do fill my heart with joy whenever I see them.

From the moment I see the heart carved out of the tree outside, I know that I’m guaranteed a good time. The menu is concise but centred around organic and free-range components that change with the seasons and availability. I once had a delightful chickpea and feta salad there. The ingredients were fresh and clearly treated with respect. This time, my friend had a pea risotto that looked lush and creamy. The grains slouched together on the plate and the heady aroma of fresh Parmesan filled the air. I was on a mission for something sweet and on that day I had a slice of homemade Milk Tart, the kind that ouma used to make, the kind that has no choice but to wow your taste buds. And it did.

Over and above that, they have a good selection of wines and local beers and of course their legendary fresh juices. The colour of beetroot juice always fills me with glee. That happy pink tone is one of my favourites!

After lunch I took a walk around the store. Perused the interior design shop and noticed that that block seems to have become the hub of creative energy. Nev the Barber has set up a rather indie-looking and feeling barbershop. The punchy branding make it cutting edge for the often slow-to-adopt Durban, which gives me hope for my hometown.

So the next time you’re in the increasingly trendy Glenwood, make a stop over at The Corner Café and be filled with a sense that Durban is alive with great energy and good deeds.

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: The Corner Cafe

  1. cassey says:

    It's a great place, with yummy coffee, and I love the seasonal menu 🙂 The only problem is that the service tends to go downhill when they're busy.

  2. ms_kamini says:

    true. I think that I would rather that happen than for them to increase their staff component. I like that quaint feeling…it's very shoppe around the corner 🙂

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