The Leopard

My decision to move to Jo’burg was a swift one. I resigned on Monday and was in GP by Saturday evening. [insert something profound about seizing the day here]. But since I arrived, I have made it my mission to explore.

The inner-city rejuvenation happening in Jozi is quite astounding. Sandwiched between buildings that dwarf even large trucks by their sheer enormity are these jewels of great design and immaculate taste. Rare. Shiny (because they’re new) and completely inspired. I am the self appointed poster child of happiness.

One such jewel, while not sheltered by the daunting cityscape, is The Leopard. The facade is still quite bare but in all seriousness, it had been operational for 24 hours before I got there. The seating is comfortable and retro-chic, the service is cheerful and the menu is quite delightful.

I tried the seared brinjal with yoghurt, hazelnut dukkah and a pomegranate syrup so tart that it sent shrieking tendrils to my spine and finished off with just the right amount of sweetness. The Macadamia stuffed quail with Mozambican sauce was a tad dry in places but rich and hearty. And while I’m not the most avid of mussel eaters, the ginger, wine and cream sauce had me licking my elbows while I dunked the crusty ciabata in the broth.

The Leopard is a breakfast and lunch venue in Parkhurst, Jozi and really is a must see for a Saturday morning breakfast out on the roadside or a midweek lunch break when all you need is seasonal, tasty food in a space that has loads of character.

4th Avenue, Parkhurst, Jozi
PS: they don’t take reservations

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