House Ivorian

Being in Jozi has swung my senses wide open to a few wiles not found in The Mothered City. One such experience happened the other night when I dined at a house in Yeoville. House Ivorian to be precise, which is the local Cheers Bar for the Ivory Coast residents of the area.

Men with drums and a triangle made out of a Black Label quart bottle sang and danced, which made the place feel welcoming and safe, considering we were in the heart of what could be seen as ghetto. Yes, I hugged my Stoned Cherry bag closer to me upon arrival as I walked passed the welcome wagon of men with foreheads shining from the effects of good beer and good times greeted us. Once I got inside though, I chilled out a bit and relaxed into the sea of French Africa.

So about the food: rice, fried chicken, fish in a carrot chutney and rounds of pap with chakalaka. It was simple and deelish but I think that the context made all the difference. So gather your prejudice, take a trip out of your comfort zone and allow yourself the indulgence of this experience. And at an affordable R60 per person plus the cost of whatever local beer or soft drinks you had, it’s worth every sharp breath on your drive in, my fellow city slickers.


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