Fresh Living for Christmas?

Pick n Pay’s food magazine, Fresh Living, has put together a collection of 140 of your favourite recipes that have been featured over last four years. Justine Drake and her team really have done an immaculate job of presenting every-day meal ideas that are always beautifully written and shot with a glut-inducing eye. 

This recipe book is divided into four sections: salads, starters and soups; weeknight affordable, accessible meals; baking and desserts; and lastly, splurge-worthy items, which makes this book easy to navigate. I’m told that it also has tips on how to approach the aisle, ideas on what fill your pantry with and which kitchen tools are the most handy – a lifestyle cook book at its best. 

I was at the John Brown Media (publishers of Fresh Living) offices when the ginger glazed gammon shoot was cancelled due to poor weather. Yes, we had gammon sandwiches for lunch and dear god, were they simply amazing! One guess as to what folks at my house are having for christmas…

There are only 10 000 copies of this book retailing at R89.99, so get down to your PnP stat. [insert Bonny’s Best Buys voice now]


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