Corner Cafe 2011

I’m often found visiting my folks in Durban and every time I’m here I make a point of visiting The Corner Cafe. I’ve written about the specific’s here, so in case you missed it, feel free. 

The thing that I love about this owner run spot (I feel as though I’ve said that a lot recently) is that the produce is conscious, the coffee is second to none, the wifi abundant and the innovative thinking behind the brand is palpable. It’s one of the spots that make me believe in Durban again. And rightly so. 

The menus are served on clipboards, making it easy to change with the season, availability or whim, which means fresh food and interesting ideas are aplenty. Today I ordered the butternut, feta and chickpea salad with lentil sprouts, which left me feeling light and satisfied. I took the left overs home (in a Chinese food take away box) because I plan to add some rotisserie chicken to it later (a la Woolies) for dinner. 

My luncheon friend incited my sweet tooth and I opted for the milk tart while not-so-secretly coveting his slice of meringue, sponge and creme patissiere.

All dishes were beautifully plated and tasted as though they were mending me from the inside. Judd and his staff made me feel welcome, yet again, and they will definitely be seeing me when I’m passing through Durbs the next time. 

031 201 0219

Corner Brand and Cromwell Road Glenwood Durban, KwaZulu Natal


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