El Burro’s Summer Menu

There are only few spots I would consider eating at on a weekly basis and one such place is @_El_Burro. It’s a combination of Nic and Rene and their bevy of amazing staff, coupled my craving for flavourful, spicy food (like that of my people) that drew me back week after week.

Now this couple also knows about my penchant for great tequila and the La Muerte that they have is second to none. Flanked by a Paloma cocktail (ruby grapefruit juice, agave syrup, some soda water and a healthy dose of Reposado tequila – my favourite in all the land) I would say that I have never had a questionable experience (or meal) there. It’s a place where even if they don’t know your name, they know your order – Calamares al la sarten, followed by the Chilorio pork taco. And Paloma’s for as far as the eye can see. It’s my winning combination.
I will be visiting Cape Town in Dec and when I booked my flight about a month ago I DM’d Nic and booked my table. It might’ve seemed a tad keen but I’m really unfussed about pretense. All I’m concerned about it trying out a few of the new menu items that include braised ox tongue, which sounds like Carpaccio-thin slices of Ox tongue on a spicy tomato and almond sauce, served with salsa Verde and rocket; Chilaquiles – a layered tortilla bake with chickpeas, spinach, blackened tomatoes and caramelized leeks all gratinated to a crisp perfection; and something called the Rajas (oddly Indian sounding but very Mexican in style) sliced peppers, jalapenos and mild poblano chilies that have been sautéed with queso fresco (a fresh Mexican cheese), parmesan, crème fraiche and served with corn tortillas and pumpkin seed pesto. It’s a sign freinds, Summer has arrived at El Burro. 

PS: This new menu goes live today, so head on down and let me live vicariously. 

81 Main Road, Greenpoint, 8001 Cape Town, South Africa 



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