Wellingtons Day

The clock struck midnight on the eve of 2012 and PR companies everywhere clinked their glasses of bubbly and cued the Valentines Day releases without a single verse of ‘Old Lang Syne’. Seems that everyone is trying to lure couples out to be fed and watered, a tradition many breeders still wish to follow. I’m sue that each establishment will also be so kind as to arrange a leering rose-seller to unleash his or her brand of guilt onto doe-eyed sweethearts and show couples alike. 

In this sea of over-priced red roses, pink gimp suits and falsely-promised night caps, the offer that stood out for me was the one from Bistro1682. Brad Ball is a master. His food is inspired and with Steenberg as the backdrop, even I could be wooed into this capitalist holiday. 

An intimate, 20 guests per sitting (17:30 & 18:30 – gobble and go?? ) will be served with his usual array of delicious morsels like the tender Chalmar beef fillet in a red wine and chilli sauce, Puglia mozzarella with prosciutto and caper berries and shelled tiger prawns laced in delicious garlic and chilli oil. His dessert options will also make an appearance in bite-sized quantities and I’m sure that they will be just as good as their savoury counter-parts.

R200 gets you and your friends a tapas-styled dinner (still unsure of how many courses) with a glass of the exquisite 1682 bubbly. Contact Reservations@bistro1682.co.za or ring them on 021 713-2211 to book your spot for “Wellingtons Day”. 


One thought on “Wellingtons Day

  1. Brad Ball says:

    Thanks for the post Kamini!I’m not a complete hater of the V Day outside of work, but it has to be the worst day of the year for a restaurateur. A bistro packed with two seaters lacks soul and energy in that the ambience seems somewhat diminished. Long tables of people sharing good food and good wine in new company has substance, that’s my romance right there! I want the single people to enjoy v day too. The two tables are only staggered at differnt times for the kitchens sake but both tables can sit and enjoy until we close, it definitely isn’t an in and out vibe. its about making connections while a selection of yummy tapas will arrive in waves at the tables for everyone to tuck into. You’ll be sharing food with like minded singletons, never know who you just might meet?CheersBrad

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