South China Dim Sum

Steam chicken dim sum
Deep fried veg wontons
Home made iced tea – beautiful!

Gotta love it when you can tweet a lunch invite to a friend and they just happen to be in your hood. That happened today when @neiLLanthony, two L’s darling, and I lunched at South China Dim Sum. 

It’s a waif of a store on Long Street, decorated in that hipster bo-ho chicness – worn wooden benches with crates on one side. Old bottles in dark green and brown are stuffed with flowers that look as though they were picked from beside a meadow. And the Bruce Lee posters and the tea-stained walls add a uncomplicated warmth to the space. 

So about the food, we ordered two of everything on the specials board. Deep fried vegetable wontons that were crisp and light without a hint of grease. Steamed chicken dim sum, those slippery buggers were so delicate and succulent that I was inspired to save one from plummeting to its death. And the summer rice paper rolls with lettuce, vermicelli, mint, carrots and a peanut dipping sauce. It was exactly what I needed on this warm, bustling CT day. 

289 Long Street (The top end)


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