Good Housekeeping SA & the cupcake off!

Last week a few of us food and lifestyle bloggers were invited to a cupcake baking demo hosted by Good Housekeeping magazine. Held at Chez Gourmet, the cutest cookery school for chefs and mageirocophobes (those with a fear of cooking) in Claremont, we were welcomed by the unicorn herself, Lize Kay, and the Good Housekeeping team. 

We then split into groups to make the cupcake toppings: chocolate ganache, sugared rose petals, plastic icing shapes and meringue icing in a colour of our choice. My team was made of the confectioner behind the exquisite cake pops and maple bacon nougat, Lexi Bechet (@_maMere) and the make up artist and twitter queen, @NatalieRoos. These ladies were a charm in the kitchen and while Lex did have more experience, Natalie (with her inspired whipping wrist action) could take down any Cake Boss and his sous. 

After a lesson in piping and decorating, we settled in for some chatter and high tea where it became obvious that the edible glitter had had its way with my face. *sigh* 

Look out for the latest issue of the mag featuring the constantly slimmer, Jennifer Hudson.


2 thoughts on “Good Housekeeping SA & the cupcake off!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow who is the girl in the second photo? She is breathtakingly beautiful.

  2. JustCallMe_k says:

    That beautiful lady is @NatalieRoos.

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