WIN Taste of CT Tickets

It’s that time of year again, when the chefs from the best restaurants in Cape Town gather at the Green Point Cricket Club and prepare their signature dishes for us to revel in. It’s the one show where any Joe Soap can taste some of the finest food from the most revered chefs without spending an arm and a leg. Well, in theory anyway, as I have spent a pretty penny over the last few years because I needed to taste everything.

Upon arrival, one purchases a ticket and the first booklet of crowns, the festival currency. One then has the almost impossible task of choosing which dishes to try. I have, of course, perused the menu and have decided that the following are a must this year:

  • Asian-style beef capriccio, pickled shitake mushrooms, sesame crema, avo and nori puffs – La Colombe (Scot Kirton)
  • Cauliflower custards, popcorn powder, popped wild rice, truffle caviar, sweet corn veloute – Makaron at Majeka House (Tanja Kruger)
  • Paneer Koliwada (cottage cheese fritters) with tamarind chutney – Bombay Brasserie at The Taj (Shyam Longani)
The following are dishes that I have tried and enjoyed:
  • Rare roast fillet, cauliflower puree, peas and truffle jus – Bistro1682 (Brad Ball)
  • Penne Gambereti (baby prawns served in Italian oilve oil, fresh tomato, cream, garlic and chilli – iL Leone (Daniel Toledo) 
And if you are wondering why I’ve added the names of the chefs to the dishes, it’s because to me (and if you’re reading this, to you as well) the chefs are artists using the medium of food. 
Purchase your tickets via itickets from R80 or send your details to to enter to win a set of double tickets. Tune in to #2girls1mic, my new radio show with @yesreallyangel on, on the 20th of April (my birthday) between 12-2pm when Brad Ball will be in studio talking about the event and announcing the winners. 

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