Skinny la Minx and her Flower Dreams

Heather Moore and I have been chatting via twitter, facebook and email for a number of years and this morning, I got to finally meet her as she launched her latest collection of fabric, Flower Dreams. After meeting and chatting with Heather, it’s clear that her work is a reflection of herself. Here’s why… 

Skinny la Minx has always made me feel whimsical. There’s a girlish tone to the patterns that isn’t sugary and sweet but has a childlike maturity to it. It’s fun and adds character to a space in an effortless kinda way. 

This collection is Heather’s first multi-coloured experiment and the palates are given names such as Lemon Humbug and Penny Black, which further adds to that floating feeling. 

While the Skinny la Minx store is on the neighborly Bree Street, this event was held at Space For Life, a 
Scandinavian furniture store that would have every hipster and his bulldog aflutter. The natural fit of both brands was evident as the patterned scatter cushions accented the nut-coloured wood, with clean lines and rounded edges, perfectly. There were displays that I would happily adopt, as is, for my apartment because they’re a superb combination of homely and chic. 

While you’re here, take a look at the animation Heather created for this collection.  

Skinny laMinx shop & studio
201 Bree Street, Cape Town 
021 424 6290

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