Reuben’s Tasting Table Menu

Reuben's Tasting Table Menu

I quite literally just walked in from one of the loveliest lunches hosted by Reubens at the One And Only. This tasting table is designed to be a shared dining experience, so @DinnerWithAubs, @SkyeGrove and I settled in around our Lazy Susan for an afternoon of glorious chatter and sincerely great food.

My favourite dishes for the day were the signature chilli squid and the lamb meat balls done to perfection and served in Miniture Staub’s (appealing to my cookware obsession). To choose between the malva pudding with the hot (vanilla custard) and the cold (Amarula ice cream) or the crisp coconut rounds with toffee’d mango would be as sacrilegious as choosing between two of my yet-to-be-spawned children. The well-behaved rather fabulous Aubs and I cleared our plates. We weren’t the only ones.


Reserve the intimate dining space on the mezzanine level, just outside the cellar, for 2-12 guests and enjoy the hospitality of Luvo Ntzeo (the incredibly charming sommelier who will keep your glass eternally half full) and his team as they wine and dine you.

Intimate setting for the tasting table

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