Weekend round up

This passed weekend was supposed to be spent making sweet love to my couch and preparing for the week ahead. Instead, I dined at some of the country’s finnest restaurants and discovered a love for Mauythai fighters that I did not know existed.

So, first stop, @Bizerca. It’s a french fusion experience in the city, complete with affable French maître d’ who (in a perfect world) would stand in a corner and read out the classifieds while you enjoyed your dinner. We started with the yellow fish and beef tartare, which were both packed with flavour. It was the first tartare that I truly enjoyed because both options were incredibly fresh and served with bruschetta and freshly made potato crisps in a latice structure. I then moved on to the pork belly, one of my favourite dishes, that was served with prawns sprinkled with those sexy black sesame seeds and a cucumber salad. I managed to fit in some dessert and went with the Granny Smith sorbet, crisp apple rounds and Calvados. The wine pairings were exquisite and the service was second to none. It’s the perfect place for an impressive first date or special night out.

Saturday started with a guilty-pork-belly-induced run, followed by a really relaxed drive out to the Kleine Zelze estate, the home of Micheal Broughton’s Terroir. I met Jane Broughton a  few months ago who made quite an impression on me, so I was pretty excited to meet her husband and taste his food. Speaking of which, the prawn risotto with sauce americane was perfectly slouchy and luxurious. The prawns were beautifully tender and had a welcomed amount of spice. The amous bouche was oxtail ravioli in a brilliantly green petite pous puree with slices of artisan-cured bacon . I could eat this dish for days! It sings on the palate and on the plate – truly masterful.

Pork belly is definitely one of those dishes that I feel obliged to try. So yes, for the second day in a row, I ordered this dish. The medallions of pork were pink and succulent and lay on cooked apple with pumpkin puree and sultanas.

Now, heed this warning: all cheese cake is not made equal. My favourite (and I hope yours as well) is baked and I was quite chuft to see that Terroir serves this very variety with a toasted nut ice-cream that still alludes me. After a full meal, we took a small stroll in the gardens and just enjoyed being out of city. It was pretty awesome.

I literally just jumped out of a bubble bath when @yesreallyangel whatsapp’d me to say that there was ticket for me at Dragon Power. So I hauled ass and got there in record time.  I must admit that when Quentin Chong invited me to the ‘Underground’ Fight Night during the show on Friday I was less than enthralled. I was under the impression that it was going to be gory and street fighter-esque when in reality I was sorely mistake. Mauythai is actually still quite traditional and even with the bling, the eastern philosophies come through. It also falls into my watchable sport category because while the discipline is interesting there is also a hot bod for those moments when eye candy is all that matters. Be sure to check out Jared Rothwell who is one of the top seeded fighters for SA Mauythai. He also has more abdominal muscles then I have fingers and toes put together. Swoon.

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