Weekend round up

This week was full of blue blooded Champagne. I really am a spoilt little wench. Poppin bottles…yo. So it all started on Friday with an amazing #2girls1mic show.  I was nicely surprised to discover that people were loving the hip hop. We decided that we’re definitely going to have more of it in our lives. Besides that though, we got a glimpse of our ratings and we were the highest rated show for the week. *air punch*

Anyway, I was on such a high after the show, I got to @GoodFoodSA with one intention: to get the weekend started. Luckily for Reza Mohammed, I caught him before I’d purchased my wine tasting glass so when I tapped him on the shoulder and requested a pic, I managed not to drool on him. *high 5 for Kamz*

The stand that impressed me most was the Fine Brandy and food pairing. I had a Fish Eagle cocktail with honeyed water and fresh lime served with a cauliflower puree on a gruyer cracker. To say it was amazing, is an understatement.

Saturday was a bit of awesome because I went to the @NoblesseSA and @VisionVodkaSA launch at Casa Blanca. Thankfully, the launch happend before the club actually opened for the evening, so we had it to ourselves. The vodka was great. Really smooth and such  a sexy bottle. A couple of us were chosen to make cocktails and mine was called the ‘Cool Hand K’ because, of course we got silly and started drinking Vodka shots and I put half of my extra shot into my cocktail glass. One sip of that and I was sure I was breathing fire! Recipe: Grenadine, honey and strawberry juice on crushed ice – it’s clear why I’m not a mixologist.

I also got to try the first ever bottle of Noblesse Champagne opened in SA. And it was goood. So good that when I waltzed into my friends place after the event, I was handed a cleaver a bottle of bubbly. I sabraged the hell out of it off the 13th floor. Did someone say rock star?

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One thought on “Weekend round up

  1. […] as were the wines on show. Admittedly, I wasn’t all that keen on being boozed again after my weekend frolic but I did taste a few noteworthy quaffers. @Rambownie from @HauteEspoir is always a favourite. […]

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