Siris Vintners Trade Day

Firstly, I am besotted with the interwebs. I needed a panoramic shot, so the app store brought one to me. Here is my artistic expression. So chuft with myself and still buzzed after day 2 of the Phedra Cut.

Last night was the Siris Vintners Trade Day which was held at the Upper East Side Hotel in Salt River. This is the second year I’ve attended and as per usual, Terrence was a charm, as were the wines on show. Admittedly, I wasn’t all that keen on being boozed again after my weekend frolic but I did taste a few noteworthy quaffers. @Rambownie from @HauteEspoir is always a favourite. Mostly because I think Rob is a saint and I love his story. I tried the Rose’ , which was originally made for his mum but was so good that they went into full scale production of it. It’s the perfect combination of blush with honey on the nose. Damn, it’s good.

The hipsters of wine from The Alphabetical, David Cope and Simon Wibberly, were there with their usual brand of tomfoolery. They were going for a sensory experience and handed me a glass and a set of head phones with the Black Keys playing. It felt as though I was standing at the Power and Glory. Mission accomplished.

I also tried the 2012 Sauvignon Blanc from the Quando estate, which had been bottle last week and was pretty juicy. Very easy drinking but sweet, obviously. I also tried a pinot noir bubbly from a rather stingy estate who’s name I can’t bare to remember. I coulda stuck a twirly straw into that bottle and sailed off into the sunset but alas.

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