Friends at El Burro

While my spot is being painted and wreaks of flamables I decided to work from my home-away-from-home, @_El_Burro. I’m usually here with a band of skanks who enjoy a tiple on the balcony so it feels a tad strange that I wasn’t welcomed with a Paloma and a round or 4 of Corralejo’s. But there’s still time!

So, Nick tells me that they’re still running their lunch specials, something I am going to have to indulge in before I head off to 360 Gym for my dietetics evaluation with @AlexBalirDiets. I fear she might rule dining out as often as I do out of my meal plan. But more on that tomorrow.

Anyhoo, the lunch special is any of the build-your-own taco’s (minus the goat) and the enchilada’s at half price. And as Nick said, it’s cheaper than Nanodos (and so much fucking better said I). So, who’s joining me to a Chilorio Pork with corn taco lunch?

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One thought on “Friends at El Burro

  1. Louis says:

    ME!ME!ME! lol @ live update text crossing out 😉 ahhhhh for a tequila right now x

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