Starting on a Monday

After a week of near-death-by-Phedra-Cut, I went to see the sassy Dietician, @AlexBlairDiet. She assessed my eating habits and took my measurements with those fat pinchers things (a lesson in trust) and got back to me with a meal plan that would help me achieve my goal (to look hot naked). Seems that I’ve convinced myself that carbs are the devil and instead, have been swanning around this city under the impression that a glass of Chard and a pastry-based canape was all this girl needed. How wrong was I.

Long story short, I’m sitting with a 30% body fat percentage, which is about 20% pork belly, 5% white wine and 5% Versus Goliath (#idrinkcraft). And even though I’ve been running like someone was chasing me and practicing yoga, which is apparently great for the mind-body synergy, it doesn’t build muscle mass which is the stuff that evaporates the pudge. So tonight, I have my first session with @Rushtush at @360trainingcoza. Rushda is rumoured to be the veritable drill sergent who trains Play Girl shmodels – definitely something to strut about.


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2 thoughts on “Starting on a Monday

  1. Louis says:

    I have been slowly shedding Cape Town from around my waist… down to 12% and rocking the zara’s again. Good luck! my secret is trail running… x

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