Col Cacchio Chef Series


For a food obsessed person such as myself, getting an invite to create a pizza for the Chef Series is pretty damn awesome. This box was amazing to open on a mildly depro day like yesterday. The smell of yeast and dough hit my  face as I opened the box – wow. And each bottle, with metal clasp and label, was beautiful and filled with fresh ingredients – chili, basil, thyme, mozzarella, lush avo, rock salt and peper, olive oil and freshly made tomato sauce for the pizza. There was also a rolling pin and a pizza cutter…it was all too perfect!

Needless to say, my dietician sanctioned angel fish and roasted veggie dinner went straight off the 7th floor as I floured my work surface with a sexy flick of my wannabe-chefs wrist and rolled out the dough.

Now with pizza on my brain and on my jiggly bits  I’ll be creating a pizza that will hopefully go onto the @ColCacchio‘s menu for everyone to try out. Will keep you posted.

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One thought on “Col Cacchio Chef Series

  1. […] after I smashed some homemade pizza last week, it got my senses percolating about what to put on the ultimate *cue really bad Italian accent* […]

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