This really has been an awesome week because I’ve had a few deliveries. The first of which was a Glossybox. It seems that these bad boys are a makeup/cosmetics group that send participants a box full of products every month.

I quite liked the interface of the sign up. It asked questions about your skin type (dry to combination) and make up preferences (nude to part-time trannie) and I presume that the products in each box are taiored to your preferences each month.

So, in this months box, I got some Clarins mascara with thee most epic epplicator. I’m a tad lazy when it comes to mascara and only ever end up applying it to my top lashes. This applicator had a tapered tip that made the bottom and inner lashes SO much easier to reach. There were also two Dolce & Gabana fragrances, the Sport and The One and one Escada scent, which I haven’t opened yet. There was one rather scary collagen booster sachet. Makes me think of Dr Rey and his band of botched boob jobs. The cutest product in the mix was a miniature tube of red lipstick. Yes, I’m obsessed with miniatures (except in pooches). Even the boozy variety taste better. burp

The people with be in studio with us today so remember to tune in between 1&3pm. In case you’ve forgotten #2girls1mic

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