Pizza Challenge Continued…


So after I smashed some homemade pizza last week, it got my senses percolating about what to put on the ultimate *cue really bad Italian accent* pizza-pie. On any given day I would order a tomato base with aubergine, artichokes and fior di latte or asparagus, parma ham and parmesan. A few Sundays ago I had a rosa tomato, artichoke, mushroom and Chevin pizza from Woodlands Eatery, which blew my mind! It was so fresh and let’s be serious, I do love me some goaty cheese. This would not be a post about pizza without mentioning Massimo. A firm favourite of mine is definitely one of Massimo’s Melanzane pizza’s with brinjal and bechamel. YUM!

The disclaimer: I add pork to most things and will hurl myself at a LuluBelle if it means steak dinner. But when I was creating my own pizza for the Col’Cacchio’s Pizza Challenge I decided to try to keep it healthy and make it Indian. the game changer was The Mogul from Col’Cacchio’s. It’s butter chicken, yoghurt, coriander and caramelized onion. Taste it, you’ll see what I mean. *drool*

Anyhoo, my pizza is called ‘The Green Guy’. It’s my take on the Palaak Paneer, which is a mild, creamy spinach curry with a ricotta-like cheese. Take one plain pizza base, add some spinach curry, ribbons of courgette and some fior di latte. Simple, health-conscious and never been tried before… until tomorrow. Tune in between 1&3pm on to see if it was a hit, miss or shove-it-in-mah-fayyysh kinda slice.

PS: you can also enter. Visit their site and yes, Padawan, challenge accepted.

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One thought on “Pizza Challenge Continued…

  1. […] admit, I was pretty chuft. If you didn’t know, I am participating in the @ColCacchio’s #PizzaChallenge and I designed a pizza, which will hopefully go on their menu as part of their Chef Series. […]

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