San Marco


For someone that eats out as much as I do, it dawned on me that I have never taken myself out to lunch. The words ‘table for 1’ have never left these lips until yesterday. Admittedly, I arrived with my iPad tucked under my arm, Hootsuite and whatsapp in hand, wearing a pashmina and a pair of brogues. Yes, I was that guy.

This was part of the @VandAWaterfront‘s Masters of the Trade Routs campaign that I am part of and this was my first review. Take  look at the FB app if you want to see the scoring but right here, the responses will be less groomed.

So the place is called San Marco. The name leads a person to think that the signature dish would be enjoyed by the Fattis and Monis granny or Mario and Luigi, at the very least. Sadly, that isn’t true. I was pretty surprised to discover that their dish de jour, was something called a fusion burger – a regular beef patty with pesto, cheese sauce, onion relish and a few other things. It’s not that it was bad tasting but it somehow didn’t seem as though that dish showcased the true capabilities of the establishment. Yes, I perved my neighbors linguini.

The best part of the plate was the side dish. The fries and wedges were ok but the sweet potato crisps were TO DIE FOR! Mandoline-sliced and cooked to delicate perfection – I would be happy with a big bowl of those and some creme fraiche.

By choosing to eat the signature dish I got a scoop of ice-cream or sorbet and against my dietary judgement, I went with the Tiramisu ice-cream. I’ve had it before and I will definitely have it again. The sponge fingers, the chocolate shavings – it all comes through amazingly. Damn.

San Marco, V And A Waterfront

021 418 5434

PS: You can also rate these restaurants. Check out the FB App and try out the dishes. Let’s see if we agree.

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